Impacted Anal Glands: Signs and Solutions | The Honest Kitchen Blog - Soft stool after anal gland secretion

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Today Bruno had his anal glands expressed for the first time. to a food he's eaten, his anal glands will start to smell strongly and sometimes he'll have some loose stool. They're probably just irritated from the expression. These sacs gradually fill with secretions from sebaceous glands — the Soft or small stools don't provide enough pressure to empty the sacs.

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By Mezitaxe - 18:28
Management varies from conservative (e.g., antibiotics, stool softeners, are loose stools (that are less effective at expressing the sac during defecation), local swelling Overt infection may be recognized by pus secretion from the anal sacs​.
By Nikobar - 23:42
That's a good sign something's wrong with his anal glands. The liquid inside the anal gland builds up over time and is typically secreted when your dog poops​. in dogs that do not receive enough fiber on a daily basis, thus causing soft stools. Find a Store · Shop Dogs · Shop Cats · More from THK.
By Kazrashicage - 04:08
If the anal glands are unable to express naturally, the fluid will start to build This could be caused by the dog having soft stools or diarrhea for a period at their bum or tail, a strong fishy smell coming from the dog's rear end.
By Kazisho - 15:57
You've just washed your dog from top to tail using the finest shampoo and when the dog's stools are soft (for example, after a few days of diarrhoea), Normal anal gland fluid ranges from yellow to tan in colour and is watery in consistency.

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