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As a general rule of thumb: If skewness is less than -1 or greater than 1, the distribution is highly skewed. If skewness is between -1 and or between and. i think actually you want to check the normality, so instead go for any rule of thumb check jaurqe Bera test, it is based on skewness and kurtosis so acceptance.

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By Shakakus - 15:37
Negative Skewness is when the tail of the left side of the distribution is longer or fatter than the tail on the right The rule of thumb seems to be.
By Yozshum - 09:22
Skewness and kurtosis as numerical measures of the shape of data. a classic — suggests this rule of thumb: If skewness is less than −1 or.
By Mijas - 22:43
Skewness of sample gives hint whether symmetry Rule of thumb: From box plot: more or less symmetric distribution, skewness = 0,
By Dubar - 19:53
In probability theory and statistics, skewness is a measure of the asymmetry of the probability . is also the median, the mean sits in the heavier left tail. As a result, the rule of thumb that the mean is right of the median under right skew failed.

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